The Twin Flower Legend
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The Twin Flower Legend

The Twin Flower Legend

木槿花西月锦绣 (2020)

Genres: Historical, Romance
Actors: Ng Gam Yuen, Rao Jun, Yu Xiao Tong, Kenny Kwan, Mao Xiao Hui, Jie Xuan, Qiang Chuan, Huang Jue, Yang Yu Ting, Yuan Zi Yi, Li Yan Ming, Norman Chui, Lin Shen, Zhang Yi Long, Yuen Wah, Ma Da Bao, Huang Hai Bing, Jessica Hsuan, Tao Yi Xi, Li Qin, Adi Kan
Directors: Ng Gam Yuen
Networks: Unknown
Also Known As: Mùjǐn huā xī yuè jǐnxiù,长相守,Zhǎng xiàng shǒu
Duration: 45 min. per ep
Types: Drama
Countries: Chinese
Released: 2020
Episode: Ep 22 / 60
They are sent on the road with three other children Edit Translation English Español Italiano Polski Bahasa Indonesia - Yu Feiyan, Song Minglei, Yao Biying and the five take a vow of friendship to always care for each other.
In order to thrive in their new environment, Hua Mujin willingly throws herself to hard labor to build a better future for her brothers and sisters. She uses the techniques inherited from her father and relies on her intelligence to help the Yuan Family rise to glory.
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